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Monday, January 2, 2017

Rebelle Rally 2017 - Here We Come!

The 2016 Rebelle Rally was such a life changing and amazing experience for me so it should come as no surprise that I have reserved my spot for the 2017 Rebelle Rally.  This year's Rebelle Rally will take place on October 12 through October 21.

Given my love for driving, I plan to compete as a driver this year rather than the navigator.   My teammate will be my daughter-in-law, Christy, who has some navigation experience from her time in the military and who is incredibly excited about participating in the rally.  We will be competing in my gecko green Jeep Wrangler named "The Dragon."  We have been assigned the team number of 132!  How weird is that?

I am looking for sponsors to help offset some of the registration costs and or to help by donating parts to the Jeep build.  I have a wish list of parts that I need/want right here on the blog.  Many of the parts listed are things I will actually need while others are things I'd like to have on the Jeep as I work towards turning it in to a crawler/overlander hybrid.  Special thanks to 5150 Fabrication who has graciously offered their time and welding expertise to help reach the build goals.

Here's what the Jeep looks like now.  Be sure to check back often so you can watch the transformation unfold over the coming months!

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